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Social Media Consulting for Brands & Small Businesses

It's time to bring the social back to social media.


The best way to sell your product/service is not by posting about it on your social media channels and hoping for sales to happen.


You need to create engaging, inspiring, educating, and entertaining content that tells a story and that points out WHY your audience NEEDS YOU!


There are proven methods and strategies designed to build strong and engaged communities in Social Media and these are the techniques we will be implementing with this social media consultation into your existing strategy.

What can you expect?  

With the Social Media Consultation, we will review and audit your existing social media channels while creating new social and content strategies that will give your creative business a whole new approach.

The Social Media Consulting service is based on a 4-month period and it is ideal for creative businesses working towards a specific goal a virtual workshop, product or service launch, or global event.

Book a free 30-minute consultation call so we can discuss your goals and needs!

What does the Social Media Consulting include?

  • Social Media & Content Strategy based on your goals 

  • Digital Buyer persona research for content optimization 

  • Competitor Research & Analysis 

  • Social Profile Audits 

  • Social Media Profiles Optimization 

  • Social Media Content Calendar Template 

  • Hashtag Research for Instagram (Hashtags optimized every month) 

  • Ads Campaigns Setup & management 

  • Weekly team meetings to discuss the previous week’s results and set goals for the following week 

  • Monthly reporting 

  • Strategy Optimization after 3 months

  • Training and full weekly support to in-house Social Media team (if there is one)


"Juan helped us give our social & content strategy the 180º twist we were looking for. Through educational and engaging content, we have been able to grow our community stronger, generated new leads for our spaces, and increased our organic reach in platforms like Linkedin, Pinterest, and Instagram. "


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