Why content creators should have a clear niche, a target audience, and buyer personas

Why content creators should have a clear niche, a target audience, and buyer personas

Find your niche, define your target audience and create your buyer personas.

You have probably heard these terms quite a lot lately, especially on Instagram. But have you stopped and wondered what they really mean and the importance of knowing your niche, your target audience, and your buyer personas as a content creator?

Don’t worry! I’m going to explain it all in this post and help you understand why this is important for social media too.

A niche, a target audience, and a buyer persona are all terms from sales & marketing. If you have worked in marketing before, you know that these are essential for creating a marketing strategy.

Why are these terms important for content creators? Basically, by knowing your niche, target audience, and buyer personas, you will be able to create a better content strategy that will resonate more with your audience.

As a result of this, you will achieve whatever your goals are easier and faster.

Now let’s jump into details.

What is a market niche?

What is a market niche and why is it important for content creators

By definition, a market niche is ‘a division of a market on which a particular product or service is focused and it is usually based on five different segments or categories like: geographic, demographic, firmographic, behavioral, and psychographic.’

I know this all sounds too wordy and perhaps hard to understand, so I am going to make it simpler for you.

You could think of a niche more or less as a community of people with similar preferences, problems, goals, and needs.

For example in the lifestyle industry saying your niche is 'vegan lifestyle' might be too broad. However, ‘vegan lifestyle for work-from-home mummies’ is the perfect example of a detailed niche.

The more specific you are with your niche, the better it will be for your content creation. However, if you can’t be super specific, it’s totally fine too. You will probably be polishing it along the way when you keep learning more about your audience.

Why is it important to find a niche?

I know some of you might be thinking, “I don’t need to define a niche, I am not selling anything”.

While it might be true that defining a niche is usually for people who want to sell a specific product or a service, as a content creator that is aspiring to work with brands, you should really have a well-defined niche.

Brands are starting to prefer working with micro and nano-influencers because they're a lot more focused and more targeted to their followers and audience.