Wanna get more visibility on Instagram? Here are 9 tips!

9 ways for content creators to increase visibility on Instagram

Getting noticed and increasing visibility on Instagram is one of the best ways to really boost growth.

I've been getting lots of questions from creators asking how can they get more eyes on their accounts.

And no, it doesn’t necessarily mean you spending hours and hours engaging on the app.

Nowadays, there are many ways in which you can get more visibility on Instagram

These 9 tips you could start implementing now to increase your visibility.

1. Optimise your profile.

Yes, as simple as it sounds.

Making simple tweaks to your profile can help you start attracting more people!

Things to keep in mind:

  • Look at your IG handle: Is it serving you a purpose?

  • Your name: Are you using keywords from your niche? Remember these words are searchable on Instagram.

  • Your bio: Are you stating your mission, your value proposition, and using more keywords?

  • Your Instagram highlights: Are they serving your profile visitor with a purpose? Is it telling them more about who you are and what you do?

  • Your feed: Does it stand out?

2. Have a content strategy that attracts more people

When you create content strategically and with a purpose, your content will start standing out.

When it stands out people share it, more people see it, Instagram recommends it to more people, and so on.

And by content, I don’t necessarily mean a photo. I mean everything you do like creating captions, appearing on stories, sharing your experiences, etc

3. Have an engagement strategy

By this, I mean setting time apart to engage in different ways and not with just the people on your feed.

  • Engage with accounts from the explore page

  • Reply to stories (from followers and from new accounts)

  • Engage with new accounts through hashtags

  • Engage with creators you follow

  • Engage with supporters from big accounts or influencers in your niche

4. Engage intelligently

Engaging is really more than just liking and commenting on some posts on your feed.

It means to really