Influencer Marketing Trends: The top 7 trends you should be aware of in 2021

Top 7 influencer marketing trends every creator should be aware of

Influencer marketing has been growing massively over the past years as more and more brands are putting a lot of effort and budget into this form of marketing.

As a creator, there are some essential things you should really understand about influencer marketing to be able to spot the top trends and leverage them for your business.

But before, let’s start with the basics.

What is Influencer Marketing?

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing based on recommendations and endorsements from content creators and influencers.

The brand will agree on a fee to pay the creator in exchange for different pieces of content and other deliverables.

In return, brands expect to maximize their brand awareness to reach new audiences and increase sales of their products.

Why are influencers and creators more important than ever - Influencer Marketing

Why content creators and influencers are more important than ever?

After 2020, brands realized the importance of having a strong social presence. And this doesn’t mean just activating their social channels.

As traditional marketing methods were not compatible with their audiences being locked up at home, brands started to turn out to content creators and influencers who are experts at creating creative content for their audiences.

Influencer marketing increased by 46% in 2020 and it is on track to become a $15 billion dollar industry by 2022. Furthermore, 63% of marketers have stated that they intend to increase their influencer marketing budget in the next year.

So yes, the influencer and creator’s industry seems to have a bright future and as a creator, knowing where this industry is heading is essential if you want to succeed in a very competitive landscape.