The Importance of Building an Online Community

Last week I had the honor of having Angela Marti (@whereisangiee on Instagram) as the first guest of my IG live series with creatives on Instagram. This first episode was all about the importance of building an online community on Instagram.

Having a real and genuine online community has never been as important as it is today. COVID-19 has shown us all, and brands especially, the importance of having a committed audience in order to survive.

For those who missed the episode, here is the transcript of the questions we asked each other. You will find lots of valuable information and insights about the Instagram algorithm, content creation, and more!

Juan: Hi Angie! Please introduce yourself (where are you from, background, where you live) and tell us why you started using Instagram in the first place.

Angie: Hi everyone, my name is Angie (@whereisangiee).

I was born and raised in Canada to Polish-Spanish parents. I grew up in a very multicultural environment due to my background, which allowed me not only to have a very rich cultural experience and speak four languages fluently but also set the foundations for my love of travel and exploration.

After university, I moved to Spain and have been living here since 2014. That move to Spain was what set in motion my Instagram, which originally served as a type of photo diary for my friends and family back home to see what I was getting up to. Since its foundation back then, my Instagram was always a place for me to share my photos and thoughts while also connecting with other travel lovers and ex-pats in similar situations to my own.

How about you Juan, I’m sure many of my followers would love to know where you are from 3and what was the purpose behind your Instagram originally?

Juan: Right! So I am from Colombia, but I’ve been living in Spain for the past 11.5 years. I owe my love of travel to my grandparents and my parents. From a very young age, they took me traveling everywhere with them. I think the first time I was on an airplane was on my way to the Dominican Republic and I wasn’t even a year old.

My love for photography started more in my teenage days when I purchased a digital camera and I was the typical kid that was taking photos everywhere and uploading them to Facebook.

I started this Instagram account years later because I wanted to improve at photography and Instagram was the platform that really pushed me to be better and keep learning. I originally started it as a travel account, but since covid, I have been just taking photos of Barcelona (and some places in Spain).

And what about you? You traveled a lot before Covid and you have amazing photos. How did you learn to take photos/edit, etc? Or who takes your photos?

Angie: Thank you so much, Juan! I have always had a love for photography. I took several photography courses back in high school and continued to grow that hobby in my spare time throughout university. To be honest, my favorite subjects are animals and landscapes, in contrast to what you see on my recent feed. In fact, if you scroll back to earlier photos on my feed you’ll see I used to post mainly photos of locations.