2022 Instagram trends for influencers and creators: A bright future for the industry

Instagram just released the 2022 trend report where they dive into different gen z-dominated industries like beauty, fashion, education, and shopping.

They describe it as “your look ahead guide to the upcoming next-gen trends defined by Gen-Z that will shape culture in the next year.”

The report was pulled off a survey conducted in October that surveyed over 1,200 social media users per week in the US with ages ranging from 13-24.

They call them “next-gen” audiences, “those who are consistently creating the future and defining trends on Instagram.”

“50% of young people view individuals like themselves or influencers with smaller, loyal audiences as KEY for creating trends.” This means that it will be us, creators and influencers who will be defining these trends!

Remember that as a creator/influencer running your own business you need to stay on top of the trends, as they define the path your business will have to take in the future.

So what are the categories in the Instagram trend report for 2022?

The report is covering the following industries:

  • Fashion & Beauty

  • Shopping

  • Music & Dance

  • Celebrities & Creators - Yes they have labeled creators and celebrities as the same category 😱

  • Career and Education

  • Food

  • Wellness

  • Gaming


  • Social Justice

For this blog post, I will focus only on what concerns mostly creators and influencers, but the full report has a lot of other insights that I highly recommend you to check out!