How to be consistent on Instagram to achieve success!

How to be consistent on Instagram to achieve success

How to stay consistent on Instagram without getting overwhelmed?

This is the question that I get asked quite a lot!

But what does consistency really mean? It's certainly not posting every day of the week or even worse, multiple times.

It means that you are capable of being reliable for yourself and for your audience. It means having a schedule and a plan and sticking to them.

But it also means doing it on your own terms. Without any pressure.

Here are some tips that will help you remain consistent on Instagram!

1. Be very clear on your WHY so that you don’t lose track

When you know why you’re doing the things you do, and this goes beyond Instagram, this becomes a motivator that will get you to work every time you’re feeling like quitting.

Some questions you can start by asking yourself to really know your why are:

  • Why do I do this?

  • Why do I value this over that?

  • Why am I not happy when X happens?

  • Why am I stressed now?

  • Why?

2. Know your audience really well

I know I keep saying this over and over again, but it’s because it makes a difference.

When you know your audience really well, you know what kind of content you have to keep creating and this will eliminate second-guessing and having creative blockages.

Remember that you are on Instagram not to please yourself, but to please your audience.

In addition to this, if you create the right kind of content, you will start attracting more people who will genuinely be interested in this. So your following will start growing and this will certainly motivate you to continue.

3. Stick to content pillars

Content pillars are 3 to 5 themes you will consistently discuss, amplify, and create content for on social media.

Content pillars will help you get clarity on your niche. Being an expert in one area or a few specific things will help your audience grow faster.

Content pillars make planning your content so much easier!

Rather than scrambling to create last-minute posts, you can use your content pillars to strategically build your content calendar for the month ahead.

4. Write all your ideas under these pillars (as soon as you get a new idea)

Once you have defined your content pillars write down all your ideas for each category. Keep a notepad with you or on your mobile phone, and every time you get a new idea write it down.

This way you’ll make sure to never run out of ideas or even worse, forget a great idea that you might have!

Another useful tip is to designate one or two hours every week just to idea research. You can use platforms like Pinterest, YouTube, Quora,, or even better, ask your IG audience on stories to see what they’d like to see in your next posts!

5. Choose a posting schedule and stick to it

Being consistent doesn’t mean posting every day, or worse more than once per day. Being consistent means having a schedule that’s doable and that you can maintain in the long run.

If you decide to post three times a week, stick to that. Choose the days and times when your audience is most active and post then.

Consistency is also about showing up for your audience, even though you’re not posting.

It could include:

  • Showing up on stories (even if it’s just to reshare something relevant for them)

  • Replying to your past comments

  • Replying and starting conversations in the DMs

6. Plan your content in advance (at least one week)

Planning is everything!

I plan all my content and my clients’ content in advance to make sure I’m always on track and never falling behind.

I spread my planning throughout the week to make it easier and more digestible.

I use a content calendar where I write down all my ideas, write my captions, hashtags, and track my performance.

7. Batch create your content

Part of planning your content involves batch creating your content.

When you create a lot of content at once, you’ll never run out of what to post. This will help you stay consistent.

Here are some ways in which you can batch create content:

  • If you’re a photographer go out one day and take as many photos as possible of different things, from different angles, and perspectives. The