Make people stop the scroll and read your captions: 6 tips to improve

6 tips to write better captions for Instagram

Do you feel like no one stops and reads your Instagram captions? Then this blog post is for you!

When I first started my Instagram account back in 2013, I sucked writing Instagram captions.

All I would do is write a simple sentence or even just copy/paste a quote.

I didn't really understand the power of copywriting and how can well-written captions help you with your objectives.

Nowadays, captions play a HUGE role in developing your personal brand on Instagram.

Creators who write long captions that are reflective, motivational, inspirational, and form part of a narrative, have it much easier when it comes to positioning their image.

Longer captions also mean more engagement with your audience.

They can be used for direct interaction with followers, whether it is through asking a question or a CTA which prompts engagement.

So how can you create a killer Insta-caption?

Here are 6 tips:

1. The first line is the most important - Hook the user here.

The first sentence is key!

You could start with a controversial statement like this:

Or start with a question (to make sure that those who don’t read the entire caption at least engage with your question)

Instagram will only show the first sentence to users with a *read more* option.

So scrollers need a good reason to stop, expand the caption, and read your post.

2. Go deep and personal

People want to connect with creators that portray an honest, authentic, and real presence.

You can build authenticity with your Instagram captions by telling more personal stories, always from staying consistent with your niche and your audience.

Remember stories can touch people and stories are memorable.