20 ways in which content creators can make money on social media

20 ways in which content creators can make money on social media

There are two types of social media content creators. The ones that create content for fun and the ones that create content to earn money. But what if you could create content for fun while earning money at the same time?

Gone are the days when you needed to have hundreds of thousands of followers to earn money from social media.

In today’s social media world, any content creator with a good plan and a strategy can find multiple ways of monetizing their social media.

There are some factors that will certainly influence like having a specific niche, an engaged community (regardless of the size), and making sure the content provided is always top quality and with a purpose.

For this article, I am going to be focusing mainly on Instagram, but I will also share the basics of how can content creators monetize on Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.

What is a social media content creator?

Do you think you are a social media content creator, but you’re still not very sure about it? Don’t worry, I’ll break it down for you.

A social media content creator is someone who makes a piece of content, either in text, audio, photo, or video.

The purpose of a piece of content is always to engage, educate, entertain, and delight a specific audience. Some content creators do this with business goals in mind, while others just do it for fun.

the different types of content creators on social media

What are the different types of social media content creators?

There are different types of social media content creators. Some specialize in a specific type of content, while others do a mix of everything.

The truth is that if you are already present on any social media, you are most likely a mixed content creator.

Here are some of the most common social media content creators:

  • Photographers

  • Video creators

  • Social Media Managers

  • Graphic Designers

  • Bloggers & influencers

  • Online coaches & educators

What they all have in commons is that they are using social media platforms to promote their work and reach new audiences.

Why become a social media content creator in 2021

Why should you consider becoming a content creator in 2021?

Content is King. At least that’s what Bill Gates wrote in an essay for Microsoft back in 1994. A very powerful statement that is more relevant than ever in today’s modern world.

Content creation is actually one of the top trending Industries in 2021. Everyone consumes content, everyone needs content.

Content connects communities, content connects people with brands, content inspires, entertains, transforms.

Whether you write blogs, take photos, produce videos, or record podcasts, content is the best way to tell the entire world who you are and what you have to offer.

Creating content around your core values and what you care about is the best way to attract people similar to you, with your same interests, struggles, and dreams. And this is how this is the first step to start monetizing your social media.

You need a community. A community that trusts you and that will be interested in knowing more about whatever you have to offer.

So let’s go to the point. How can you make money off social media?

How content creators make money on Instagram

How do content creators make money on Instagram?

If the first thing that came to your mind was “having 10,000 followers and the swipe up option”, this is absolutely wrong.

Content creators can make money on Instagram with 100 followers as long as they are highly engaged and trust the content creator.

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram doesn’t have a monetization program for creators (yet). They are doing the beta testing in the US, so they will probably end up rolling it out to the rest of the world soon.

These are six ways in which you can start monetizing your Instagram account:

1. Paid partnerships with brands

Once again, you don’t need tons of followers to land brand deals. However, you do need to have a clear niche and targeted audience that aligns with their audience.

Also, you don’t need to wait for brands to get in touch, you can reach out to your favorite brands with your media kit and a very well-written pitch where you state your value proposition, the benefits they will get from working with you, and any relevant information that will help with the pitching.

Remember to always offer more than what they expect and over-deliver. It might be helpful to have a rates-sheet ready too.

2. Become a brand ambassador

Most companies want to establish long-term relationships with influencers and content creators, so they seek out brand ambassadors who can promote their brand in a positive light on a regular basis.

Micro-influencers in a specific niche is often more valuable to brands than major celebrities as they have a more engaged audience.

If you are reaching out to brands, you can always suggest having a long-term collaboration instead of just a one-off. This will be highly beneficial for both parties.

3. Sell physical or digital products

If your goal is to sell a product, you can do this by creating your own shoppable feed. The good news is that selling a product doesn’t mean having to have a physical product.

Nowadays you can create digital products that will start giving you a passive income. Remember to have a clear strategy that focuses on helping your target audience’s goals. Then, offering your product as part of the solution to those problems.

Some examples of digital products are:

  • Prints

  • Presets

  • Stock images

  • Templates