10 things I learned after the 30-day reels challenge that you need to know

10 things content creators should know about Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels, the most touched-on topic of the year on Instagram.

Every guru, coach, mentor, expert, etc will tell you to focus on reels for growth, but you can't preach what you haven't practiced, right?

This is why I decided to try it myself and do the 30-day reel challenge, which ended up being more like 45 days, but who's counting?

While you should definitely include reels into your content mix and strategy, focusing only on reels could be hurting your account.

Remember Instagram has said multiple times that the more formats you use, the better for the algorithm.

Here is a screenshot of my insights the week before starting the challenge:

I took a 2-week break before starting this challenge and one week before starting I started posted again.

This is why you see a huge increase in account reach and impressions.

However, you can see my growth was negative!

Here is a screenshot of my insights the last week of the challenge:

As you see, during the last week of the challenge I only reached 2000 accounts. You can also see that almost half of the traffic was new accounts.

However, they did not convert to followers and my follower growth wasn't massive!