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The Instagram Creator Academy 

Transform your life by building a strong and memorable personal brand, a community of raving fans, and finally turn your passion into a full-time career with the power of Instagram!


There are two types of people in this world.... which one are you? 🤔

There are those who feel stuck with their lives and careers, who barely make it to the end of the month, who crawl through the week hating every single day, waiting for things to change miraculously someday, to finally make their dreams come true...

And there are those who know that dreams don't come true miraculously and in order to fulfill them, they must make sacrifices, invest time, and commit to working hard to make changes and live the life they've always dreamed of.


If you're here, it's because you're this kind of person!

Being a full-time content creator shouldn't just be a dream 😫

I know what you might be thinking....

“Everyone is already doing the same”
“I’m already too late to this game”
“They’re just lucky, I don’t have what it takes”

I was in your exact same position 5 years ago. My dream was to become an Instagram influencer and get paid for it. But it seemed like the BIGGEST FANTASY, almost impossible to achieve.

I tried so hard, but I honestly had no idea what I was doing. Sure, my posts were getting ok engagement, but that was pretty much it. No brand deals, no ways of monetizing my audience, and I was completely lost in vanity metrics.

And don't even talk about having a strategy. Are you kidding? Why would I need a strategy if all Instagram creators and influencers I knew then were just posting about their perfect lives and getting paid for it?

I almost quit my dreams and resigned to work at a 9-5 for the rest of my life.

But this doesn't have to be you! 

You don't have to be stuck at a job you hate while trying to make your way through the Instagram world after work to keep hearing crickets every time you post.

You don't have to wait YEARS to finally understand what it takes to build a successful personal brand on Instagram that gives you the FREEDOM that you dream for.

You don't need to keep comparing yourself with all the creators and influencers that you see building successful online businesses, traveling the world, getting paid for it, and skyrocketing their following by the minute.

And THAT'S WHY I have created the Instagram Creator Academy. 

So you don't make the same mistakes that I did and think about quitting your dream of becoming a full-time content creator.

There is no better moment than NOW!

Introducing The Instagram Creator Academy ⭐️ 

ICA is the ultimate group coaching course for content creators and influencers that want to transform their lives by turning their passion into a full-time career, building a strong and memorable personal brand, and a community of raving fans through the implementation of Instagram marketing, personal branding, and sales strategies.

The Academy will take you on a deep journey through the MCSPA framework with the goal of developing your personal brand on Instagram (and beyond), whilst working on your opportunities, elevating your strengths, and helping you achieve your goals as a creator.

ICA is for you if


You are a new or small creator on Instagram who wants to grow their personal brand, their influence and build a community of raving fans


You are an established creator but you still feel lost with your personal brand


You are an established creator but you're struggling to make any money from Instagram​


This is your side hustle, but you want to make it your full-time job to have the freedom you've always wanted


You feel like you have the entrepreneurial spirit, but you still lack some clarity and guidance on how to get started


By the time you graduate from ICA you will


Understand how to adopt a growth and abundance mindset that will set you up for success


Gain complete clarity on your personal brand's foundations including your main goals, your niche, audience, and positioning


Possess the skills to create content strategically aligned with your personal brand's goals to grow your following exponentially and your online biz


Be able to apply the right strategies to convert followers into superfans that will love everything you do


Master Instagram Marketing like a pro to help you grow your biz with video, photography, copywriting, and more!


Have developed your own project or offer to launch on Instagram using all the resources and skills acquired and with the help and feedback from all the expert speakers

What will we cover during these 12 weeks together? 👨‍🎓 

Week 1 - Mindset

Learn how to master and transform your mindset to set you up for the success that you deserve.

  • Adopt a growth and abundance mindset

  • Acquiring the right mindset for Instagram to help you stop focusing on vanity metrics and comparing yourself to others

  • Online mindfulness practices

  • Goal setting and affirmations

  • Creating your vision board

Week 2 - Clarity

Understand why everything starts with a purpose and get clear about your 'WHY' to set your real priorities and help you stay focused on what's really important for your personal brand's growth.

  • What is your 'why' and how to find it

  • What is your personal brand's or online business' purpose that goes beyond Instagram or making money?

  • Find your niche as a creator basing it on your 'why' and your purpose

  • Start your market research to understand where you stand in your market.

Week 3 - Clarity & Branding with Anna Dineva

Get complete clarity on your personal brand's foundations & learn branding strategies to establish your personal brand and stand out from all your competition.

  • Define your online identity: positioning, target audience, vision, mission, and values

  • Establish your personality: brand persona, tone of voice, personal touch, story, and pitch

  • Build your visual representation: create a mood board for your personal brand, define your brand's colors and typography, your brand association, and visual storytelling

Week 4 - Content Marketing & Repurposing with Mark Asquith

Understand the principles of content marketing and why it's so important for your personal brand (beyond IG). Learn how to optimize your content creation without overwhelm!

  • What is content marketing and why it's so important?

  • How to use content marketing to grow your personal brand on Instagram and why you should be focusing your efforts on other tools like blog and email

  • How to apply the principles of Content Marketing to Instagram

  • How to create content more efficiently

Week 5 - Instagram Strategy & Optimization

Understand the science behind Instagram, how (and why) users consume content, and learn how to create content strategically to please the algorithm (and your audience)

  • Learn how to optimize your profile to boost your discoverability and maximize follower conversion

  • Understand how users behave on Instagram and how they consume static and video content

  • Understand how the feed, explore, and reels algorithm work and why it's so important to RETAIN users on the app

  • Learn the Instagram CAGE formula to create content strategically 

  • Define your content pillars for your Instagram Content Strategy

  • Understand the importance of data for

Week 6 - Instagram Strategy & Content Creation

Learn how to use Instagram the right way with all the different channels & tools to get more exposure and explode your growth!

  • Understand the power of Instagram carousels and learn how to create them to retain your followers and reach the explore page!

  • Learn the perfect reels formula to help you explode your growth exponentially

  • Use Instagram Stories to get closer to your audience and even sell!

  • Understand the importance of other formats like single posts, Instagram Video, Instagram Guides, and Instagram Lives

  • Become a copywriting expert and hook your followers with your captions

  • How to rank on hashtags and create the right hashtag strategy

Week 7 - Mastering Mobile Photography & Video

Understand the fundamentals of mobile photography and video to help you position your personal brand better on Instagram and other Social Media.

  • How to take better photos for Instagram

  • Mobile Photography fundamentals

  • Editing tips

  • Creating your own presets 

  • Best tools for mobile photography

  • Short-form video tips & fundamentals for Instagram

  • Best tools for Instagram video

Week 8 - Planning for success

Learn how to create a strategic plan to achieve your personal brand's goals and make your first launch on Instagram

  • Create a content plan based on your content strategy

  • Plan your content for the next 4 months aligning it with your goals using a content calendar

  • Best tools to plan and organize your content to boost productivity

  • Planning your first launch on Instagram

Week 9 - Action: Building your tribe and a community of raving fans

Dive into social media psychology to learn proven strategies to convert visitors into followers and followers into superfans that will love everything you do.

  • Building your tribe & expanding your network through the right engagement strategies

  • Understand the pyramid of fandom 

  • Learn the journey you should take your followers on to turn them from strangers to superfans

  • Designing your freebie and building your email community

Week 10 - Instagram Monetization: Turning your passion into a full-time career with Patrick Vollert

Learn what it takes to turn your passion into a full-time career, work as an influencer in your niche and create content for brands

  • The truth about influencer marketing 

  • Pitching, communication, and negotiation with brands

  • Creating campaigns for brands to maximize the execution of their content strategies in order to optimize their brand’s communication. 

  • Becoming a business owner as a content creator

Week 11 - Instagram Monetization (part 2) : Converting your followers into customers with Stefano Miali

Understand the principles of lead generation & sales funnels to help you convert your followers into paying customers 

  • Learn what are landing pages and sales pages and why they're important for your creator business

  • Uncover the best lead generation techniques through Instagram to build your email list

  • Understand the Instagram Sales funnel

  • Creating email sequences and campaigns that convert

Week 12 - Monetization (part 3) and creating your roadmap to success

Understand why you have to diversify your income stream and other monetization methods. Prepare a 12-week roadmap for your personal brand's success.

  • Learn the different business models on Instagram 

  • Creating your own product suite

  • Preparing a 12-week plan and why it's so important for future success

BONUS! Week 13 (not live) - Graduation week

Graduation week where you will present your project to all the experts to get their input and feedback.

Meet the ICA experts 🥳

Hey 👋  I'm Anna

IMG_5326 2.jpg

I am a Brand, Marketing & Business Strategist helping health, wellness, beauty & lifestyle brands and entrepreneurs build impact-driven brands & thrive online.

I am also the founder of The Symbiosis Co, an in-vogue, creative digital company specializing in online business growth through leading brand, marketing, social media & business strategies.


After graduating from a top EU business school, I held various marketing lead positions including Product Manager, & Global Account Director in one of the top marketing agencies based in Paris, where I also gained experience across 3 different continents (USA, Europe, Asia).


In addition to working with 3 different business models: coaching, service-provider & product-based, I have led and developed both global and local campaigns for global brands


Through my tailored framework based on world-class practices from coaching, consulting, and high-end strategies, my work focuses on creative problem solving to unlock business leaks, bring ideas to life, and transform them into strategic and profitable solutions.


Hi 👋  I'm Mark

I'm a digital marketer, with over 11 years of experience helping brands make meaningful connections with people.


I've covered most parts of the digital mix over my career and I've had the chance to gain some experience in pretty much all areas of the field.

The result? I'm bit of a "jack of all trades", and master of one thing in particular: connecting the dots.

Social media offers us an incredibly valuable way to connect with the world, but changes to algorithms, controversial 'shadow banning' and the even the recent political pressure on social media giants make one thing certain.

You do not own your followers.

It's time to find out who they are, so we can create content in their favourite way, on their favourite channel. (If that sounds daunting, don't worry - I'll show you how to get the biggest impact for your time.)

Hello 👋  I'm Patrick


I’m a professional photographer from Panama and I’ve been in the content creation industry for the past 6 years.


I started my own agency called Nómada Tropical where I offer my clients the execution of content strategies in order to optimize their brand communication. 


I’ve been part of the social media evolution in the last years and have been able to identify a brand’s needs while turning them into a profitable business model through content creation.


As a business owner, I value the importance of clear and precise communication for a brand and being able to understand and adapt the different content styles and social media trends in order to maximize the impact of a campaign or project.


I believe that social media has taken photography into an infinite world of content styles and opportunities.


Hi 👋  I'm Stefano

I am professional sales and digital marketing strategist based in Spain and working internationally.


I've been in the field all my life and back in 2020 I decided to launch my own agency called Capta Media, a marketing and lead generation agency helping entrepreneurs and businesses scale their marketing efforts through social media and sales funnels.


The beauty of what we do is tailoring strategies based on our clients' needs and wants, since there is no service that fits all.

I value long-term relationships as I aim to bring constant value to my clients by going the extra mile.


Innovative marketing is the present and the future and we are willing to work with dynamic brands in the digital space.

I believe sales funnels are essential nowadays for businesses to scale their revenues by converting attention into actions.

Hey there 👋  I'm Juan


I am a travel photographer, social media strategist, and content creator.

I have been working in sales and marketing for almost 8 years, specializing in helping businesses of all sizes grow their online communities through content.

Even though I loved what I do, I kept jumping from job to job, because I couldn't settle down, as I knew I wanted "something more" than just what society expected me to do.

Luckily (for me) the last company I worked for closed down and I finally found the opportunity to take the risk and do what I love the most: creating content.

At the beginning of this year, I decided I wanted to work with people at a 1:1 level and I launched my personalized coaching program for creators in May. 

Since then, I've coached tons of creators at a 1:1 level, and have helped many more with their Instagram game and their online business! 

And now I am here to help YOU shine and thrive, go from side-hustle to full-time, and live the life you've always dreamed of! 

Here's what others have been saying about my training & guidance 🥰

Screenshot 2021-10-29 at 15.55.03.png
Screenshot 2021-10-29 at 15.55.19.png
Screenshot 2021-10-29 at 15.55.28.png
Screenshot 2021-05-12 at 16.39.10.png
Screenshot 2021-05-12 at 16.41.07.png
Screenshot 2021-05-12 at 16.38.49.png
Screenshot 2021-05-12 at 16.38.08.png
Screenshot 2021-11-06 at 17.01.52.png
Screenshot 2021-11-06 at 17.05.47.png
Screenshot 2021-11-06 at 17.03.55.png
Screenshot 2021-11-06 at 17.08.47.png

But wait... there's even more 😱

Besides the total investment for ICA, you will be receiving the following 8 bonuses that are worth over $2700.


A Canva template bundle with customizable designs to use for your carousels, infographics, reels covers, IG stories, highlights, and other social media (value: $199)


My Lightroom preset collection made of 28 mobile and desktop presets to take your Instagram photography to the next level (value: $99)


Access to Private Discord Channel for extra support and accountability full of other creators and influencers like you that will cheer you up, celebrate your wins, and successes! (value: $599)


Workbooks & ebooks for every module designed to help you navigate through your journey with ease and start applying everything right away to your personal brand (value: $349)


Email template sequences & pitching scripts to reach out to brands and potential clients (value: $127)


​​Databases with more than 150 potential clients (marketing and PR agencies) to start pitching right away (value: $299)


Contract agreement templates for retainer clients and one-off projects (value: $150)


Course-like content & recordings for all sessions so you can refer back to any module in the future (value: $897)

I know you might have lots of questions, so here are some answers for you 😉 

When does the program start and when does it end?

This is a 12-week coaching program with 1h coaching per week. Once enrollment to the academy is open, groups of five creators will be created based on enrollment order and location. Each group will start with a 1 week difference.

Is this a self-paced course?

No. This is a 12-week group coaching program designed for creators that are committed to achieving their goals.

What is group coaching?

Group coaching is coaching that is done with many people at once versus on a 1:1 basis. Group coaching can take place online or in person, and often uses video conferencing to facilitate sessions.

How many people will there be per group?

Groups will be made of maximum five people to ensure that all experts can offer a personalized experience for each creator.

I'm not sure if now it's the right time for me to join this program

Joining a program like this can bring lots of doubts. But if it's not now, then when? When you get committed to making something happen, like investing in your future and your career, you MAKE the time.

That’s the choice you’re going to have to make right now. Are you going to continually put off finally making a living off your passion, designing the life you've always wanted, and keep battling with the algorithm to end up just quitting?

I don't have a huge following, will this program work for me?

Absolutely! This program is designed to help anyone who is just getting started to established creators with a big following. The program will take you through the MCSPA framework with the goal of helping you build a personal brand, grow your influence and community.

Can’t I just figure this out on my own? Isn’t everything I need to know on Youtube?

Yes, you can absolutely find Instagram marketing & personal branding advice on Youtube and Google. But unless you already have built a successful business as a creator and you're living life on your own terms, I’m guessing it hasn’t worked so well for you.

This program is designed to take you on a journey to success with the help and support of five sales & marketing experts!

What if I start this program but I realize this is not for me in the end?

If after 30 days of having started the program you feel like this is not the right program for you, we will offer a refund for the remaining amount (2 months).  Just email and we will process a refund.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do! Make sure to head over to the check-out page to see the different payment plans offered for the Academy.

Is this program for any niche?

This program is ideal for any content creator or influencer in ANY niche including travel, food, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, health, wellness, fitness, and more.

Is this program for businesses too?

This program is designed to help individuals like creators, influencers, or coaches to build and scale their personal brand on Instagram. Unfortunately, this is not for businesses.

Do you have any other question?

Feel free to send an email to or send me a DM on Instagram and I'll be more than happy to answer any other questions.

Are you ready to transform your life and live on your own terms?

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