Instagram 1:1 Coaching

Instagram is one of a kind. The photo-sharing app has changed drastically over the past years, and up to now, it keeps changing every day.


With new features rolling out, new terms of services, and changes in the algorithm, many creators give up with this tool.


Nevertheless, monetizing Instagram has never been easier as it is now!

As a content creator, you have a story to tell and a community of advocates to build around it. This is what this Instagram coaching is for!


What can you expect? 

To translate your ideas and passion into an Instagram strategy designed to build a community and convert them into loyal customers.

What are the different options?

  • Personalized Instagram Coaching: These sessions are 100% personalized and are for creators who want to learn more about the platform (algorithm, formats, growth hacks), get the most out of their IG account, define their goals, and beat the algorithm.   It is based on one-hour sessions and the minimum recommended is two or three sessions.                                                                                                                                                                             What does it include? A general Instagram audit, full support during the time of mentoring, a detailed roadmap to work on the next 12 weeks, templates, and extra resources.

  • The Instagram Power Hour: This is a one-hour session where we will cover a specific topic that you feel you need to work on the most, related to your Instagram strategy. From defining your niche to optimizing hashtags. You decide the topic and we focus on creating a framework that will help you conquer this area.                                                What does it include? A general Instagram audit, full support for one week after the session, a detailed roadmap to focus on improving this specific area, templates, and extra resources.

  • The Instagram Overhaul:  This program is a 4-week program aimed at content creators that want to revamp their Instagram game and give their profiles a 180º twist to be able to convert visitors into followers, and followers into advocates, It is perfect for those content creators that already have a presence and established personal brand, but need that extra support and a better structure to start monetizing their account.                                                          What does it include? A 1-hour call per week, a full Instagram audit, personalized Lightroom presets or Canva templates, weekly support, tasks, and resources, and a detailed roadmap to follow for the next 12 weeks.

  • The Content & Social Media Marketing Bootcamp (COMING SOON!): This is a 10-week program for content creators who want to go over the top and are serious about building their personal brand and make it profitable  with content marketing and social media. This program will focus on creating your brand from 0 and using content marketing principles to build it, attract clients and thrive!

Who is this for?

  • Social Media Managers 

  • Content Creators (Photographers & Videographers)

  • Bloggers and Influencers

  • Online coaches

  • Designers (Product, Graphic, Fashion)

  • Anyone with a creative idea that wants to use the power of Instagram to turn it into a business!