Instagram 1:1 Coaching

Instagram is one of its kind. The photo-sharing app has changed drastically over the last 2 years, and up to now, it keeps changing every day. With new features rolling out, new terms of services, and changes in the algorithm, many creatives desist with this tool. Nevertheless, this is the IDEAL TOOL FOR CREATIVE BUSINESSES!

80% of the accounts on Instagram follow a business, so there is a massive opportunity here. As a creative entrepreneur, you have a story to tell and a community of advocates to build around it. This is what this Instagram coaching is for!


What can you expect? 

To translate your creative idea and passion into an Instagram strategy designed to build a community and convert them into loyal customers.

How will we do this? 

The Instagram coaching program is a 4-session program of 60 minutes per session. We will cover the three C's for Instagram growth which are: content, community, and consistency. We will define your ideal customers and based on the three main types of content for Instagram (educational, inspirational, and entertaining) we will develop a content strategy and plan designed specifically to attract them. Instagram is a visual platform, so not only we will cover Instagram strategy, but also content creation. From creating beautiful photographs or videos for your brand to designing engaging carrousels and infographics. Last but not least, having new followers is great, but there are proven ways in which you can convert these followers into paying customers or clients! We will cover the fundamentals of lead generation and sales funnels so that you can put them into practice for your brand and start growing your online business.

Who is this for?

  • Social Media Managers 

  • Content Creators (Photographers & Videographers)

  • Online coaches

  • Designers (Product, Graphic, Fashion)

  • Anyone with a creative idea that wants to use the power of Instagram to turn it into a business!

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