Join the #ICAReelsChallenge & explode your account 🔥 🚀 

Improve your skills in creating reels,  get more confident in front of the camera, and reach thousands and MILLIONS of new audiences.

Do you want to create killer reels?

I know you're struggling to get views, to get ideas, and to understand how to create a great reel.


With the right reels strategies, you could reach thousands and even millions of new people. The key is to create the right kind of reels that will attract your ideal followers.... not just random people who won’t be interested in the rest of your content.

How does it work?

Every Sunday for one month, I will be sending you:

🚀 7 reels ideas for every day of the week  (including trends) that you can apply to your own niche

🚀 10 trending sounds for the week so you can use them on your reels

🚀 5 tips to improve your reels creation

Your goal is to create one reel per day and post it on Instagram and include the hashtag #ICAreelschallenge

What do you get?

I will be sharing the top reels on ICA’s Instagram account every week and TOP 3 creators will win the following:

🏆 FIRST PLACE:  A 30 min 1:1 coaching call with me + profile audit + access to my upcoming “Explode With Reels” mini-course.

🏆 SECOND PLACE:  A profile audit + access to my upcoming “Explode With Reels” mini-course.

🏆 THIRD PLACE:  Access to my upcoming “Explode With Reels” mini-course.

🔥 BONUS  You will also get access to a private Discord channel with all the participants in the challenge where we can chat every day, ask questions, and keep each other accountable.

Signups will be open until Saturday, on Sunday you will receive the first email and the challenge starts on Monday.


What if I can’t post one reel a day?


The goal is to post one reel per day, BUT if this is not doable for you, it’s totally fine. The purpose of this challenge is not to overwhelm you with reels, but to help you improve and to have fun!

Reels Challenge (1).png

Unfortunately, all spots for the challenge have been filled up. 

Please stay tuned for future challenges from the IG Creator Academy,

Thank you!