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Helping content  creators build, scale and monetize their personal brands with the power of Instagram


Are you struggling to grow on Instagram and to get the attention you deserve?

I know how overwhelming it can be to try to learn and understand everything about Instagram, the new trends, the algorithm changes, and new features that keep coming out all by yourself while trying to build and scale your personal brand and your business as a creator. 😭😭😭

You love creating content and you are great at it. But Instagram seems to be against you by showing your content to fewer and fewer people 😱😱😱


Fortunately, I am here to help you navigate this online world, understand how social media really works, make it easier, while helping you GROW your following, build a memorable personal brand that your fans will love, and start making money from what you love the most! 

Whether you're interested in Instagram coaching or perhaps an Instagram Audit or free resources, you have come to the right place!  

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Hi, I'm Juan!

My mission is to help content creators and influencers build, scale, and monetize their personal brand so that they can turn their passion into profit and live the life they've always dreamed of!

I am a photographer and social media specialist who has been working as a strategist and consultant for brands for the past 7 years in different industries that include travel, health,  fitness, nutrition, and digital marketing,.

I am here to help you not only grow your Instagram following but to build your online business with social media, to grow a community of raving fans, leave that full-time job you hate, and finally start living on your own terms.

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Sara Iglesias,

Senior Social Media Specialist at FloraQueen

I've had the opportunity to work with Juan for several months. He is a great professional in the field of social media.
He is very up to date with social media trends and digital strategies. He also has a very creative side
and always has a great idea in his head!
I've loved working with him, plus he's an excellent person.


Ben Nachoom,

CEO & Founder at OneCowork

Juan helped us give our social & content strategy the 180º twist we were looking for. Through educational and engaging content, we have been able to grow our community stronger, generated new leads for our spaces, and increased our organic reach in platforms like Linkedin, Pinterest, and Instagram. 


Devin Kinasz, Publisher at Travelweek

Juan has been a tremendous addition to our team. He is extremely knowledgeable and very creative, but most importantly he is self-motivated and takes the lead on developing and executing very effective social media campaigns with minimal oversight. He has been a big support during the Covid crisis by reacting quickly, picking up the latest trends, and helping to grow our FB group into a community staple. 

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