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Take your mobile edits to the next level!

Hi and thank you for stopping by!

You are about to receive 7 mobile presets that will help you start creating better content for your personal brand!

In the preset bundle you will find the following:

  • Summer preset: it will give your photos the perfect bright and pastel tones.

  • Autumn preset: it will bring red and orange tones up, making your image look warmer and cozier.

  • Winter preset: it will bring out what I like calling 'the icy blues' on your photos. 

  • Portrait 1 & 2: These two are perfect for portrait photos taken with your phone, making sure that the subject stands out!

  • City Preset: Perfect for street and city photography.

  • Food Preset: Ideal for your food shots with natural light!

  • An Installation guide that will show you how to install the presets into the free Lightroom Mobile App.

Get your presets!

Thank you! The bundle has been sent to your email. Please check out your SPAM in case it has arrived there!


By downloading this bundle you will get the Free Presets by Email and you will also be added to my email list. Your Information is 100% Secure And Will Never Be Shared With Anyone. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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